Are you looking to improve classroom organization and effectiveness and promote positive behavior change, while developing learners’ communication and independence skills?

Pyramid Classroom Certification combines comprehensive training and consultative guidance to support education teams in building effective learning environments using the Pyramid Approach to Education®. The Pyramid Approach provides an organized integrated framework that focuses on teaching the team how to meet students’ individual learning needs by combining a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behavior analytic, evidence-based strategies, with a special emphasis on methods for promoting functional communication, academic and social skills. As the team implements the nine elements of the Pyramid, an assessment is used to guide and track progress. Certification is granted once the classroom demonstrates inclusion of all components of the Pyramid Approach.


Each team member will complete the following trainings:

Trainings consist of lecture, discussions, video review, team planning, group activities, practice and role-play.


Consultation consists of visits to the site spread across a year, beginning with a day to collect starting-point data. Team members will be guided by one of Pyramid’s expert consultants to implement all components of the Pyramid. Observations, modeling, and feedback will be provided during each consultative visit along with written recommendations.

Pyramid Certified Classroom Teams Will

  • Identify meaningful goals to increase independence for learners
  • Promote positive behaviors through skill development
  • Design and implement effective lessons which include teaching strategies and error correction procedures
  • Use data to make educational decisions
  • Improve classroom organization


  • Access to the Experts: By working with Pyramid, the team has access through their Pyramid consultant to the international Pyramid consulting team,​ including the founders Andy Bondy, PhD and Lori Frost, MS, CCC-SLP.
  • Improved Student Performance: By implementing the elements of the Pyramid, teams will enable their students to improve skills across domains, increasing communication skills while decreasing challenging behaviors.
  • Increased Staff Satisfaction: Teamwork and collaboration develop as the team forms a cohesive approach to systematic teaching.
  • Enhanced Program Reputation: The school will be listed as having a Pyramid Certified Classroom on our global website.
  • Educational Accountability: Throughout the certification process and when certification is achieved, there will be ongoing measurement of staff and student progress
  • Sustainable Results:Skill maintenance is ensured via training of leadership teams to continue implementation of Pyramid concepts following consultation.


Pyramid Classroom Certification is awarded when the nine sections of the Pyramid Classroom Certification Checklist™ are satisfactorily demonstrated. Certification is awarded for up to 2 years: the school year during which it was obtained and one school year following.

Certification Renewal

特级欧美免费大片视频,特级毛片WWWAfter the initial 2 year period, each classroom can renew their certificate. The renewal requirements consist of an assessment day to look at all elements of the Pyramid, training to refresh concepts/topics (minimum of 2 days), and consultation as needed to ensure all elements of the Pyramid continue to be maintained at a passing level (minimum half- day per classroom per quarter/term).

Leadership Training

As a way to maintain progress, a group of leaders within an organization can participate in additional training to develop supervisory and leadership skills with a focus on the Pyramid Approach. This allows for leaders within the organization to assist in maintaining an effective learning environment and carrying out long-term changes.


“When we began our 5 year intensive professional development project with Pyramid I never imagined the broad benefits it had. As an administrator, by participating in the trainings, I now had a way of addressing the needs of teachers by focusing my observations and my recommendations on the methodology. I use the checklist for walk-throughs and the competency areas of the Pyramid to focus the teacher training each month. All the staff began speaking the same language and staff morale improved significantly. Training our own staff to be ‘leaders’ allowed us to build in sustainability of all we learned.”

Vivian Bush, PhD, NCSP

Sussex Consortium Principal/Psychologist, Cape Henlopen School District

“When you work at our school, you realize that the focus really is ‘How can I make these kids as independent as possible? How do we prepare them for their futures?’ That means instructing students in the building blocks of learning, such as teaching how to ask for things, before worrying about ABCs…helping them to learn to apply concepts learned in the abstract in various environments. The Pyramid Approach is not as much a ‘new’ way of teaching, as it is a system of involving every person in the classroom to create a unified educational environment”.

Robin Scheib, MS, CCC-SLP

Director of Related Services, Academy360 in Livingston, NJ

For more information about setting up a Pyramid Certified Classroom, please contact Dave Battista at or call 1-888-732-7462.